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    Staying in a man’s house is like staying in a jackal’s cave. Yes, the jackal may be your friend, but reality is too, and the reality there is that you cannot befriend its wild side. No amount of words will convince a hungry jackal from devouring you when it’s hungry ; especially when it hasn’t […] More

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    “Mimi nishai kuwa na rebound while still on attachment, then the nigga had a girlfriend? Sha!!!!!! The devil works overtime?” Was the catch phrase I caught in my creative net from the lake of Betty’s story and struggled a little to pull it out of the water like a drunken mudfish. Mudfish, that slimy and […] More

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    Is it just me or do we get the best of ideas while in the bathroom. Taking a bath perhaps is more of a ritual than just a hygiene process. Cleansing our minds from clogs that might have been planted by the enemy within our thinking systems. After that is the matatu. That’s where the […] More