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    “I think she left me because of money.”  “Money that you had or didn’t? Sigh.  “Which woman leaves a man because he’s drowning in money?” I laugh at myself for asking that in the first place.  “If it was entirely because of the money, that’s okay. But at least I know it has to be […] More

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    Climb every mountain. Swim every ocean. Just to be with you…” Is the background song that he accords the season in his life that made him richer in wives than a typical 25 year old in these modern times. Well the song is not necessarily a dedication to the wives but the song that played […] More

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    When you meet someone for the first time, you almost can know whether they have already been told things about you. They may try to uphold the unfamiliarity but they can only do so well. So you were already acquainted to them, only that it was unofficial. You don’t mind however. You don’t mind the […] More

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    You and her had not talked for months. Six months to be precise. One afternoon, on your way out of campus, an unpremeditated decision crosses your mind that sees you text her. She replies almost instantly. But… Not So Sugar At First You meeting her was not really unique. Nothing really seemed like it had […] More

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    When his body was found hanging by the ceiling of an abandoned house, they caned him with guava branches before taking him down. Well, yes, they thoroughly wacked a dead man. Probably to confirm whether there was still any residue of life lingering between the abyss of his being and death. What you will read […] More

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    She just wanted to be in a relationship, so she got into a relationship with a mjango she had known for a week. My jaw dropped , but I got it back up when it crossed my mind that that is not news especially in our times. Mind you, I too have almost been in […] More

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    Look at him sitting there cussing, cursing and clicking till his mouth tastes salty. Nothing hurts a man like the feeling of betrayal. For a man, everything he puts his attention to is an investment. He measures the love he offers through the time, money and resources he spends and the sacrifices he makes. Part […] More

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    Staying in a man’s house is like staying in a jackal’s cave. Yes, the jackal may be your friend, but reality is too, and the reality there is that you cannot befriend its wild side. No amount of words will convince a hungry jackal from devouring you when it’s hungry ; especially when it hasn’t […] More

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    The last relationship she has been to smote her heart the most. It hurt like a bird caught between the collision of two lorries. It was the relationship that made her realize, regretfully, the pain she was causing people around her. All her boyfriends left for the same reason. She wasn’t bothered much about why […] More

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