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    That very Monday that you still dread, Sugar had really sought after you. But you told her you would look for her immediately you get a window. Later you’d wish you forfeited your plans to go see her if it meant being face to face with a fast approaching tragedy. You were having a very […] More

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    When you meet someone for the first time, you almost can know whether they have already been told things about you. They may try to uphold the unfamiliarity but they can only do so well. So you were already acquainted to them, only that it was unofficial. You don’t mind however. You don’t mind the […] More

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    You and her had not talked for months. Six months to be precise. One afternoon, on your way out of campus, an unpremeditated decision crosses your mind that sees you text her. She replies almost instantly. But… Not So Sugar At First You meeting her was not really unique. Nothing really seemed like it had […] More