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    “When you pray to God about something, genuinely from your heart, and He answers in greater ways that blow your mind, that’s when you’ll know He truly lives.” (Hi there. Missed the first episode? Feel free to read it here before proceeding. If you already did, happy reading:) I was strolling around home probably even […] More

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    “Mjango you know I would have been someone’s wife right now!”  I must have said “Pull up selector!” or something that expresses that, just stop right there. Stop and just stop! Let me breathe for a moment. She is what, 22? Almost turning 23 and I couldn’t begin to imagine she was saying as we […] More

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    Climb every mountain. Swim every ocean. Just to be with you…” Is the background song that he accords the season in his life that made him richer in wives than a typical 25 year old in these modern times. Well the song is not necessarily a dedication to the wives but the song that played […] More

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    Besides an Indian Buddha cam stuntman putting up a show for a penny or two, have you ever seen someone who willingly walks barefooted on burning charcoal? Most probably not. Allow me to introduce you to a young man. Vin, a not so tall and not so short chap with a body like a baby […] More

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    Georgina is a 23 year old girl in law school. At the end of 2019, she was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, NPD. What in God’s name is that? You might be asking.
    NPD makes someone have an exceptional interest in and admiration for themselves. As a result, they would do anything in order to have their way and achieve what they want. It drives them to make self centered decisions while caring less about whether it hurts other people. Yes it’s a disorder, but not one that cannot be overcome. This is her story that will conclude how she realised and began her journey to conquering narcissism.

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    My sons and daughter are seated at the front row of the congregation. My grandkids seated just behind their fathers and mother. Their wives (my sons) are around the boma running errands. It’s not that hot but the tents are doing well to keep the weather more bearable. The other congregants are old men in […] More

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    “Wah!” She began. “My sister and I attended a house party in Runda. You know my sister has connections because of the nature of her work in the cooperate world.”                                            **** I glared at her […] More

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    They say there’s nothing as dangerous as a wounded lion. It wants to express the pain and agony it feels but that comes out in forms of heavy roars and vigorousness that is taken for annihilation by human beings who are always protective of their kind and repulsive to what they have never seen before. […] More

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    It looked like a girls’ night out. You know this thing about how women look to empower themselves by all means possible. It’s a good thing. Only until peer pressure pushes feminism off the stage. They walked into the club as a trio and left the same way. The only difference in their coming in […] More

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    In the wee hours of the night. The hours that strong believers wake up to pray. They say that that is the time the devil is most active and so they go to their knees to counter attack him and his devices that only know how to bring endless catastrophes. The hours when couples who […] More

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