It’s a famous lounge in Zanzibar. Famous for being breeding grounds for celebrities visiting the island. It is also famous for not being cheap! Some big hits in the African playlist have had their videos shot there. If you have a taste for class, luxury and hot ladies, that is just the place for you. And if you have a taste for big names in the industry, mjangos with money flu; when they cough, they cough thousands and when they sneeze, they sneeze millions – that lounge is their oasis. 
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The limelight should be too hot for them like the desert sun and The Lounge is their favourites spot where they water their guts. Except, they water it with what Tanzanians would perhaps call viburudisho or mtindi or even maji makali. For those willing to water their bodies, if jacuzzis were ladies, they would be waiting for them with their legs crossed and thighs exposed explicitly in ways that ensure the beholders will never see heaven. 
You’d expect the swimming pool(s) would be flooded with milk and honey. I mean, what can’t money do for you in this world? The lounge always has an inflow of visitors and patrons day and night. But the night is not for the lighthearted. The night in the lounge is not for those who fear to dare. Because anything can happen. Just like it was about to happen to Chris. 
He is seated on a huge and white posh sofa embedded by the edge of one of the many balconies in the lounge. He likes this particular one because it faces the ocean. He likes the sound of the waves colliding with each other as they gently slapped the shore like an unending high-five. He liked to have the sun set behind him as if to always tell the sun to kiss his celebrity ass. And to crown it, he liked to have a glass of margarita as one of nature’s elite shows happened right behind him. 
Sometimes he liked company. Sometimes he didn’t. Either way, company would always cat walk into his chill spot. It’d probably ruin the show or add spice to it depending on his moods. Sometimes company would come walking in bikinis and swaying expensive Brazilian weaves. Other times company would come walking in beach shorts and open shirts flaunting abs. Others would have open shirts and no abs but bellies that speak volumes about the dosh the bellies and probably everything beneath them are worth. Most of the times, it’d be both companies. And in all of those times, Chris would be sandwiched between two damsels who looked like the reflection of the stars. One thing would be common about them ladies however; they had pathetic English!
It’s about time the chic factor was brought in aye?
She must have woken up on the horny side of the bed. For quite sometime, Chris had spotted her since the very first day she came to the lounge. If you were new around there, you’d look new. If anyone was to get close to you, you’d also smell new. And worse or gladly, depends on how you take it, if you were to be tasted, you’d definitely taste new. 
Business has been good for Chris lately. In fact, since he left Nairobi, he has been walking with a spring in his step perhaps leaving dollar footprints behind. Money had become the new whether for him. It rained on him all day. So to say, he never had time for ladies. Yes, he met them, they came after him, curtsied when he passed, risked a pee when he coincidentally locked eyes with any of them. But he just didn’t give two shits about them. 
To quote Lynne’s words, “He had had enough of them.” She said that as she narrated how he opened up to her when he finally confided in her to buy back her trust. 
“His money could get him any lady he’d ever want. Besides, he said that he didn’t even need money to bag ladies. In his world especially, his name was enough to get him ‘you know what‘ at any time his manhood barked. Women were not a problem. Money was never a problem…” 
So what was the problem? You may be asking just as I did mjango. 
“A good woman for him was the problem.”
He wanted nothing to do with chics parading their busts in thongs as they often did in his chill spot in the lounge. He wanted nothing to do with chics sitting ostentatiously before him in minidresses without knickers inside be it in the lounge or events he goes to. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with chics with showy cleavages bending before him while pretending to pick nothing but their fallen manners. 
Sorry, speaking of manners thrown in the air these days, as late as last Friday while in Nairobi – CBD, I noticed that not wearing bras in public is becoming a thing. Pardon me but I have a very keen eye. My friend’s say that alot. I can’t help but notice things. Even the most minute. And fortunately or unfortunately, my keenness landed on that too. Needless to say, those things are visible and noticeable. Yes, those things that tell she ain’t having a bra on! Not once and not twice did I note that in one day. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe it’s the new bra in the market. Besides, what direction can’t the world take today? Moving on swiftly…
For a few weeks business had not given him the chance to visit the lounge. And when he got a window, however much he had decided he didn’t want anything to do with ladies, this particular lady must have cast a spell on him. He had been asking around about her. He was told that she is a tycoon’s daughter. She got wind that a Chris had been asking about her. And remember how she woke up that particular morning; with fire brimming her biological antiques! And when wind meets fire, you know it becomes wild fire! 
She came along with three of her girls. That was tactical of her because her people must have told her that Chris was at the balcony with two of his friends. So she matched in with an extra lady friend just incase any more of Chris’ friends shows up and gets cocky. And like it was prepped, upon entering the balcony, speechlessness struck the boys. The ladies posed as if asking, “Hellooo? Are you just going to sit there like monuments or what?” 
Chris, seeing the game in play stood up like the gentleman he is and took hold of the fairest of them all; the chic he has been eyeing. He held her as Romeo would Juliet if he foreknew that they would inspire lovers even upto centuries later. Only that these particular ones weren’t lovers. They all sat in pairs. The sofa must have been feeling lucky. The extra girl sat on Chris’ left. But his attention was on to his right. 
He could see the ocean in her eyes. He could feel the heat from her mouth as she spoke in a low toned sexy voice. The heat was cooking up inside her members. Soon she would unleash fire like a dungeon dragon. Before he knew it, she began to have her hand make way to his thigh; the gates to a man’s weak city. There was something about this one lady that he couldn’t resist. Maybe it was her short height and curvaceous physique. Maybe it was her eyes that were slightly blue. Or just maybe it was seducive powers she beheld.
Her hands circled his body rendering every part of him she touched numb. Her red lips looked like rose flower petals clapping against each other as she spoke things he cannot remember. When he couldn’t take it no more, he bid his buddies and left the scene with a bird in hand totally worth more than all the others he had put a stop sign to in the lounge. 
He saw the dungeon dragon breath out fire when they secured a room. She used it to burn his chest gradually through his stomach and on to the ends of his earth after she tore his shirt. His belt was flapped open and so was his flier bringing one dragon face to face with another. And just like that, the two dragons went head to head. He felt energy pumped out of him. She must have been so intentional to make sure there was even no energy left for him to think twice. You know, when the deal is too good think twice?
He testified about how she was a living inferno. The heat she emitted burnt his senses like a paper. 
The next time he opened his eyes was when he felt like time had stopped and the world was watching him through the suite’s windows. Her pulse was going down. He could feel it because she was lying on his chest. The heat was now becoming a tale of the past. The dragon had used up all it’s fire. Whatever demon was firing her up had left perhaps to also cool off in the ocean. 
“That’s when his senses began to crawl back.” Lynne said. “He remembered why he had decided to back off from ladies.”
“Why?” I asked. 
Natufuta Malkia.” 
“That’s what he said?” 
“Yes. He said, ‘Wanawake wamenichosha. Raha keshanitosha. Pesa ni zipi sina? Lakini furaha ijayo kwa kutulia maishani baada ya kutafuta lishe bora, nyumba nzuri, gari na kuwasaidia ndugu zangu ii wapi? Wasichana wa Tanzania na si kwa ubaya, hawathamini masomo. Ni wazembe. Hawana lolote la kistaarabu akilini. Wao hutegemea kupata wanaume walio na hela na wakishapata wanahisi kana kwamba wamefika maishani. 
Hapa nilipofika maishani mwangu si wakati wa michezo za kiujana tena. Hapa na pale na watu wasioongeza thamana yeyote wakati wake umekwisha. Miaka thelathini? Asante, lakini ningependa kutulia sasa. Kutulia na malkia ambaye atanipa kiburi kwa kuwa tu na yeye. Kile kiburi kizuri, ‘shanielewa? Anayobidii maishani na anajielewa. Tabia zake ziwe za hali ya juu na kumetameta kama nyota. Na asiwe Mtanzania jameni!” 
He felt the guilt suffocate him. Especially because he had met a young Kenyan girl he admired but cannot remember the last time he even called her. For a moment he beat himself. Even as he still had the prettiest and one of the most expensive girls in the lounge lying bare and helpless on his chest, he still beat himself. Not even she who lay on his chest and whose name he didn’t know and didn’t care to know anymore was worth more than the one girl who was rocking the boat of his mind at the time. There was something special about this girl who was miles away in Nairobi that he doesn’t know she just hooked up with another name in the music industry. 
This girl is seated before me, telling me that Chris came back to her like a wrecking ball!
We were still at TRM. The dark sky had began to reign gradually. We had sat in the same spot at the food court for way too long so Lynne decided she was going to carry home some pizza. We sat at Pizza Inn as we waited for her order. We had all the time anyway. 
“I couldn’t believe Chris was back. I was in a crisis of a kind. I didn’t know what and who to believe. Just like that, he starts to call often, send gifts sometimes by the way and all.” 
“And you just entertained that yet he is back from the blues?” I asked. 
“Well, for sometime yes. But one time I was like, Chris let’s cut the crap. Where have you been? You’re back all lovey dovey and I don’t even know what made you shut yourself from me all that time.” 
“Were you going to tell him about Duke?”
“To be honest, I thought of it so I could make him jealous. But I later thought it would be childish. I am so thankful I didn’t. Although later he got to know.”
“So what made things settle between you and Chris?” 
“His honesty. The story I just told you about how he steadied with some random girl at the lounge is part of the things he opened up about. I remember that was the day we had the longest video call ever. I even broke down for a while. I just couldn’t believe that he had trusted me that much. 
By the time morning came, it’s like we had taken our kathing to the next level. I could feel we no longer viewed each other as just friends.”
“Oh really?” 
“Yes. Our bonding went on until I earned a title; Malkia. It didn’t make sense to me why he called me that.” 
“All this time Duke is still in play?”
“Sorta. Until one time Chris posted a music video on his WhatsApp status. Guess after watching it whose music I realised it was?” 
“Surprisingly! I was so shocked. Like how now? I asked Chris why he had posted a music video that wasn’t his and he said he was promoting it for a very good friend of his. He is a Kenyan artiste, relocated to Uganda for quite sometime then came back to Kenya. He is now based in Mombasa. And his name is Duke. Upon checking on Duke, I find that he had posted the same same video and he was thanking Chris for his support.” 
“Wrecking ball was wrecking hard ey?” 
“Freaking hard Mjango! So I decided that well, I had to make a choice and let the other know what line not to cross.” 
“Tell my fans you chose Duke and they will throw shit, rotten eggs and tampons on you and me too for that matter!” 
Lynne laughed her manners away. “Gosh relax. Of course it’s Chris to the moon and back. So I had to tell Duke that we could only be friends. I had in mind that Chris and I had started being serious with each other.” 
“Did you tell him it was because you were seeing his friend, Chris?”
“I had to just so that he may realise I’m serious. I started by commenting on his video. I said, ‘So someone can sing eh?’ Then the conversation went on and I said I didn’t want to lead him on yet Chris and I were on the way to having a thing. And worse, Duke is Chris’ good friend. I told him I didn’t want to ruin their friendship.”
“Damn! The man must have been crushed.”
“Nigga caught feelings Mjango! He asked me, ‘So all this time you were not taking me seriously?’ I said, ‘I thought you were just flirting.’ He now dropped the bombshell and said, ‘So nowadays a guy can just send you a dick pic just because he wants to flirt with you!'”
Next week shall be the season finale! All based on a true story, stay tuned mjango. 


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