Baby tonight’s night I let you know

Baby, tonight’s the night we lose control

Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that

Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had

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She slowly crouched while swiping her hands all over him in seduction. She stopped by his groin and again, slowly began to unzip his jeans while looking directly into his eyes. They say the pleasure is in the eyes and many times, lovers are the ones who maintain eye contact. Mjango sister, if your man doesn’t look into your eyes during, well, there is more to life than just eye contact. She went about it slowly because the romantic literature she had fed her literate mind with says sensuality is in the slowness. Hurry is for those who want to get rid of the libido causing chaos within their bloodstream and that explains quickies. But for those who want to savour every moment in the same way you would want to hold a piece of chocolate in your mouth for as long as it is solid, then time is by their side. The world will stop just so that they may have the peace they need to focus on every ounce of pleasure.
She was no longer afraid of what makes a man; the man! If you ask her, she’d say that he played a major role in helping her overcome the phobia that comes with such. But maybe there are other factors that contributed as well. He lifted his head up and moaned silently as she went about her business. Maybe his legs were shaking. The strength in him was slowly being eaten away. His hands felt like clapping for lack of a better way to express what he was feeling. His mind? His mind was singing hymns of how much he loved her. The hymns went from Luo to Kiswahili, to English and maybe to undiscovered tongues as well. It also passed his mind that that would be a very nice way of resuscitating a man when he passes out.
It’s like she sensed he was becoming weaker. So she pushed him quite gently and he fell on the bed on his back. Like a professional pole dancer, she danced from side to side while changing him into his birthday suit. Upon seeing that, he also made sure he was not the only one in a birthday suit.


Never in my life have I ever felt so alive. It was the most sensual – of all time.

Eli caressed her hair while she lay her head on his chest. She didn’t care whether it was sweaty. In fact, nothing else was going on in her mind apart from how amazing their bed game had been, finally. She could sense his happiness. She had for once, levelled up to his perfection. And in his heart, he had yet another reason to approve her.
“Babe look at me,” he said.
She turns her head and their eyes lock. Her face said everything about how feeble her body was at the time. She thought and said to herself that if he was going to say he wants her to move from his chest, then he’d have to beat her. They say men tend to withdraw after the game whereas women? Women draw in even further in affection feeling like they want closure.
“That was the most beautiful and passionate I have ever had. And I know it’s the best I will always have,” he smiled.
In her feeble state, she managed to smile back and said, “I’ll always be yours. We’ll make love until that’s all we are made of.”
“Yes, and I must comment on your honeypot. Exactly how men love it.”
“Men?” She asked.
He paused not knowing what she was trying to imply.
“This honeypot is for men?” She added.
“Oh! No, for your man, I meant! Your honeypot is too sweet.”
They had forgotten how nearly two hours earlier, they had clashed very seriously. He came close to taking a swing on her. He was furious to the extent that the veins in his head formed and looked like cracks on a wall. He hurled curses and insults at her for what he called foolishness. He came home quite late and found the door locked from inside. Kat had locked it before falling asleep. The depth of that sleep must have been ocean depth if she didn’t hear him knocking and even banging the door for two hours! Out in the cold, he sat hoping she would return from slumberland sooner than she should. He was at the boiling point of his temper when she woke up to open the door for the man and owner of the house.

I have never seen him that furious. In my entire life, I have never seen a man who was so mad to the extent of daring to hit me! But it was my fault. I had to act fast to save myself. What better way to calm the tempers of a man than to seduce him? And so I did and I don’t regret it. It was the best I’ve ever had.

Eli took Kat out on the following day. Who knew that serving a man right behind closed doors and under the sheets would make him fall in love deeper? And who said serving him with the honeypot of honeypots will guarantee his love for you? They had lunch at Apple Green Restaurant in uptown. They say that ladies know the look on each other’s faces whenever they are in love. For a man, the same is notable when you watch keenly at how he looks at her. It’s one of the many things not even the best writers can explain in words. But I can express what goes on inside of him at the time.
There is a lot of leaping. Like a blind man who has just regained his sight. He has only been hearing about the brightness of the day, the twinkling of the stars, the taking off of a bird and the colours of the rainbow – never had the chance to behold it all with his eyes. The spell-breaker must have been one girl since when she showed up in his life, his eyes began to see. Now, all that he has been hearing about is beheld in one adorable female figure. She is the brightness of his day, the twinkling stars, his senses take off like a bird and she is the rainbow itself. If all that he had ever wanted to see is in one girl, then what reason does he have to look elsewhere but to his one and only?
Aside from leaping, there is a ton of pride. He looks at her and sees the fruits of his labour as a man. He is glad he put up a fight and didn’t give up. Better yet, he basks in the sun of luck. He is humble enough not to brag about her because he knows that it doesn’t all have to do with how much one fights. He is just a lucky man and he is grateful.

I realized how much I love Eli when it couldn’t save me at all!

On a day like this coming Thursday, Valentine’s Day, he’d wake her up with a call just after midnight on Valentine’s Eve and say, “Hey my Valentine. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine.” Or like in the movies, he’d have a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate delivered to her workplace. Or if he doesn’t have much to give, he’d just go be with her and sit somewhere where they can watch the sunset together. That’s Valentine enough ladies, isn’t it? I’ve heard you say over and over that the company of your man is all that counts. So mjango, all she is asking for this season of love is your company. Later after valentine’s you can share your stories with me but keep other stories to yourself. Her honeypot is sacred, meaning it shouldn’t be talked about to every mjango with an ear.
“Would you like us to get some drinks on our way back home?” Eli asked. She later confessed that she had never drunk anything tougher than Guarana. He held her hand as they strolled around uptown. A place where she would get lost if she was left alone and she would cry for her mother.
“Sure. Anything with you baby.”
That was how they walked into a bar and walked out having had a few shots of Jonnie Walker and Legend Brandy. You can guess who preferred what. The rest was carried home.
If you were the Uber driver that picked them up on that day, this is the story you would narrate probably to your wife while lying face up in bed just after she has sung you her type of lullaby. The type that only you can make her sing. Okay, other men like you can make her sing the same lullaby but she is loyal and cannot sing for any other man. She has however mastered the art of singing it without a loud pitch lest the kids hear and either start asking questions that have no simple answers or start gossiping theories of what could have been happening. You guys miss the days you didn’t have to mind the tune and pitch of the lullaby because you were all alone in the house. Especially that bedsitter you used to have from your third year of campus to the second month in your first job after campus.
Anyway, you start by telling her what the young girl was wearing. You say, “When I saw her, it reminded me of how you used to look back in our days of campus.”
Your wife would say, “Please stop,” Giggles, “Have you forgotten that you’re the one who made me get in trouble with my father for missing church on a Sunday, something that had never happened.”
“Huh? Me?” You turn and look at her aerially.
“Yes. I had to lie to him that I was having a school project yet I had spent the night at your place.”
You rest your back on the bed again, “Oh yeah,” you laugh, “I remember because it was the day we first had…”
“Don’t even finish it.” She says.
“Come on you’re the one who said you loved it.”
“Are you going to finish your story? I’d like to sleep now.”
So you go on with the story. She was in a black mini dress and a leather jacket her boyfriend must have made her put on because it was getting cold. Her boyfriend looks like the age you were when we got our firstborn. They get into my car and the guy tells me to take them to Eastlands. I didn’t notice they were quite tipsy. It was dark by the time we got to Donholm.  We had been in traffic for about forty minutes. You know I love playing rhumba on my stereo. They didn’t mind. I should have noticed they were up to something when the girl asked me to turn up the volume.
“You just thought they were enjoying the music?”
“Yes,” You say.
“I think I know where this story is headed,” Your wife says.
During the transition from one song, si you know the other one might not begin immediately, so there is this silence. That’s when I heard something fishy. I didn’t want to react so fast, so I pretended to adjust the driving mirror and you won’t believe what I saw in the backseat.
No response.
“Hun, are you still listening?” You ask.
She doesn’t respond. What you don’t know is that she pretended to be asleep because she is jealous. Like what you’d expect of any lady. Do you expect her to laugh along with you while you tell her about how and what you saw in another lady? If she is kind enough, she will ask you what you were doing looking at another lady to those extents. If she is not, she would leave you hanging but just know you’re in big trouble.


I prayed so hard that Eli would never find out what I did. The answer I got to that prayer was my own tears.

On the following weekend, she once again travelled across the country to be with her soul provider.
Kat and Eli chilled in his house all day that day. Except for when they went out to buy food and drinks later that evening. The evening was spicy and lit up with the presence of the party maker called booze. You should have seen them, making jokes and laughing more hysterically than normal because of the booze making way into their heads. They played games and told each other’s secrets. She should have sensed, just as she had been sensing things at previous times – that this particular day was too good to be true.

I guess fate catches up with us when we least expect.

Their drunkenness combined with love equalled to the lust that saw them get down to it neither in the bedroom, kitchen nor balcony. The bedroom on that night was only good for sleeping.
At 2AM, she turned in bed. She realized that she was alone in bed and the lights were on. That was enough to put a stopper on the dispenser of sleep in her body. In the state of curiosity and confusion, she looked around to establish reasons for the oddity reigning at the time. A minute hadn’t passed when she felt her adrenaline cascading through her spine at the sight of something. The remnants of sleep fled with immediate effect. At that moment, she knew that the axe of fate had cut its way through to her.
There was a screen that wasn’t usually there, displaying a Whatsapp conversation. At the header of the conversation was the name: Dosi!
There and then, the glucose in her bloodstream was unable to jumpstart her body. She was not strong enough to get up from the bed and neither could she read the contents of the Whatsapp conversation, yet. Regrets had already started catching up with her. She was in the know about what all that was about. She had told herself that she had seen it coming but she wasn’t smart enough to prevent it.
Eli, being an IT expert got past the screen lock on her phone and went through her conversations. There was nothing incriminating until he got to her chat with Dosi. He then through his computer wizardry had it connected and displayed on a TV screen for her to see for herself when she wakes up.
Of course, she wished she didn’t wake up. She was even too shocked to cry. When she was coming to terms, later on, she would tell herself that that is what she should have expected when dating a very smart mjango.
What got her out of bed is the sobs she heard from outside the bedroom’s door. Was her man crying? Well, maybe not her man anymore. She staggered her way to him because the disbelief was too heavy to bear. He was lying on a towel spread on the floor as he sobbed. For once, Kat had managed to do what not many girls have been able to do; to make a man cry. Of course, she didn’t mean it though. Seeing him cry opened the floodgates of her eyes as well. The well of tears had been there already ever since she did what she did. She had drenched her own heart with a knife and it bled the tears she was now shedding as she watched him lie on the floor like a little boy. In the same way, a little boy would cry after he had just been heartbroken by the first girl he had ever loved so deeply.
“I gave you my heart,” he said amidst sobs, “Gave you my all, Kat! Shared my life with you; something I’ve never done with any other girl. And this is how you reciprocate it?”
She longed to speak but her guilty conscience forbade her.
“You have hurt my ego Kat!” He sobs for a while, “You reciprocate my love for you by giving another man a blowjob!” He raises his voice, “And you reminisce it with the nigga on Whatsapp and you say that you don’t even love me that much?”


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