(This is a continuation of the last week’s blog. If you haven’t read it yet, I kindly recommend that you read it first here before proceeding with this one.)
Two and a half hours to dawn.
Her vigorous turning in the bed made him wake up. For a moment he thought he had woken up next to a crocodile due to the confusion and paranoia that drives in first along the streets of one’s mind after a sudden awakening. Those things that you fear the most are the ones that you’re likely to think about when you get suspicious. He fears crocs because of an experience he once had in Mamba Village when he was in class three.
The memories of what had happened before he fell asleep do not load in his mind. He takes his hand under the sheets to find out whether he has clothes on. He realizes that he doesn’t even have his lucky boxers on. How many of you mjangos sleep naked and have a lucky boxer? Well, you think sleeping naked is madness? And having a lucky boxer is childish? Okay, but consider some things you do or believe in that nobody knows about, tell someone and you will discover you’re ‘madder’ and more childish!
His heart begins to race and his mind begins to play jingles of amusement. The room is dark. He cannot even take a look at who he has been sleeping next to. That may just be the key to unlock the memories of the prior events leading to the companionship of a mjango in bed. Wait! He tells himself that he hopes it’s not another man. Yes, he is not the type that would fall for companionship with other men. But he just can’t brush off the doubts since he doesn’t even have a tiny bit of memory that can give him a hint on what to and what not to believe. Again, a thought passes his mind that makes his heart race even more when he thinks he might be in bed with his ex! The one lady he has ever loved to the marrow of his bones, the cells of his blood, the bile of his gut and the contents of his prostrate.
But how can he be sure? Especially about whether the person next to him is a man. If it is a woman, he tells himself that that might be easier to process. He embarks on a mission to find out in the midst of darkness for lack of a better idea. From his own body, he takes his hand on an expedition to the foreign body. It lands on the abdomen of the foreign body and just when he was sure it is not a man, she jerks up as if in shock.
“What thaa…” She says and just then she turns on the bedside lamp. She covers her chest with the sheets. She has terror written all over her face.
Her: Gosh! Malcom you scared the shit out of me!
Malcom: You know my name?
His eyes were still adjusting to the sudden entry of light.
Her: Are you kidding me?
He then clearly sees her face. He recognizes her.
Malcom: I’m sorry. I couldn’t remember how I got here. I even had no clue of who I was sleeping next to.
Her: Is that why your hands were all over my groin?
Malcom: (Giggles) I don’t know whether you will believe me but my head was so messed up, I feared I was in bed with a man. I don’t know why.
Her: Yani you thought I was a man?
Malcom: (Holding his head) I’m so messed up I tell you. Wait! You mean we had…
Her: Had what?
Malcom: You know…
Her: You’re a grown man, say it. Sex?
Malcom: Yea. Did we?
Her: (Laughs) Touch your balls and tell me whether you have any nuts left.
Malcom: (Chuckling) Wow!
Her: Is that ‘wow’ supposed to express how amazed you are or how amused you are?
She lies with her side and leans her head on her hand pivoted by the elbow. Her other hand lies outside the sheets.
Malcom: A little of both.
Her: Start by why you’re amazed then.
She pushes back her hair. It’s a Brazilian weave that nicely suits her.
Malcom: (Looking deep into her eyes) Because you’re so damn hot!
Her: (Laughs and leads her hand to his chest) You don’t say boy! I must give it to you, you’re really good in bed. I haven’t complimented a man for his prowess in bed in quite a long time.
Malcom: Don’t make me blush now.
She draws close to him while holding his chin. Their eyes lock and they kiss for a second or two.
Her: Before we get carried away, because I can feel your boner getting excited, tell me why you’re amused.
Malcom sighs and looks away.
Her: Or it’s because you have never imagined yourself in bed with any other girl who is not your ex who left you because you didn’t want to deal with your alcohol addiction?
Malcom looks at her sharply then resigns to lie on his back with his hands at the back of his head.
Her: Oh shit! I have touched your wound.
Malcom: Did you have to say it so plainly?
Her: Come on get over her already.
Malcom: Like hell it is so easy for you to say! Oh wait! So that you be my next…
Her: Don’t you dare finish that statement boy! I’m not that desperate! Eish!
Malcom: Says the girl who brought herself to my table yesterday.
Her: No you don’t get to use that on me Malcom! Is that how you saw it? Damn! You’re such a moron!
Yesterday in the afternoon
“That’s one touchy story you have there,” Joey says to Malcom who is now holding a plate and a glass in his hands. She has been standing next to the tail end of the tables lined up in the backyard. On the tables are light dishes to be self-served. They walk together towards one of the garden tables with patio shades and take a seat slightly facing each other. The day’s talk session is over. It’s usually followed by a light meal and bonding session at the beautiful lawn.
“Well yea, I hope that was not too much to take in for the first day.” Says Malcom as he ambushes the specials he has served himself.
“For who? Me or them?” Joey says with a ‘you-don’t-know-what-you’re-saying’ face.
Giggling, “You? Maybe?”
“Oh Jeez! Listen to yourself now trying to say you are the worst case I have ever had to deal with.”
“So I’m not?” He asks.
“You’re being silly Malcom. Well, of course everyone’s case is different. Everyone has a weakness that they have to deal with that they try to find a way to make up for through the bottle. But they discover that it doesn’t really make up for what they want but it’s already a disaster since the bottle now becomes a part of them. Their lives revolve around the bottle. This basically involves their decisions. They will always make decisions that favor their relationship with the bottle. And that’s why they need help. Sorry I just started preaching there.”
They laugh at that. In the middle of their laughter, a shadow is slightly cast by their table. Someone was standing behind Malcom. Joey sees who it is and smiles. Malcom, noticing Joey’s new reactions curiously turns to look.
“May I join you guys?” She says.
Before Malcom could take a look at the face, Joey says sure and she bypasses Malcom to have a seat directly opposite him. He has to turn again and he is quite astounded to see who it is. She places her dish and glass on the table and carefully pulls the chair to seat.
“Sorry I should have stood up to pull the seat for you,” Malcom says.
“Ah no worries. You don’t need to prove that you’re a gentleman at this time.” She says and Joey laughs along. He shakes it off.
She is the lady in the black dress and pink high heels. She starts on her dish. She eats quite careful not to spoil her lipstick. Malcom gets lost in her beauty without realizing. Joey notices.
“Uhm, my apologies, I didn’t get your name,” Malcom says.
She looks up, “Tanisha Wangare. Though people just call me Wangare.”
There is a short silence. “I will leave you guys for now. Malcom, we’ll talk.” Joey says and leaves while smiling. She gave Malcom a facial expression that he translated as ‘Don’t you screw this one up!’
“I must say I love your sense of style,” Malcom says.
“What part of it in particular?” Wangare Smiles.
Laughing, “Well let’s see. The first thing that has come to my mind is about your shoes. Damn heels do suit you. And your choice of outfits that complements your body.”
“Thank you. I hope that’s all.” She laughs.
“I think that’s your way of asking me to continue huh?”
“Your words not mine.”
“Fine. Yes and the crown of it all is the style you were created with.”
“Is that to say I’m beautiful?” She asks while locking her eyes to his.
“Your words, not mine,” Malcom says and she laughs in amusement.
Two hours to dawn
Wangare: I know you really loved her.
Malcom: You say it as if you know me.
Wangare: But I know your story and I can see it in your eyes and reaction right now.
Malcom: You mean I told you everything that I am going through?
Wangare: Yes! Yesterday at the bar. Can’t you remember? Maybe you were too drunk.
Malcom: (Sits up) No shit! How much did I drink?
Wangare: Too much.
Malcom: (Raising his voice) You should have stopped me Wangare!
Wangare: You guy I tried and even the bartender knows I did! But I saw it well also not to since you were too overtaken by your emotions.
Malcom: F***! Joey cannot know about this. Don’t tell her.
Wangare: What am I? A kid to start snitching on you? You’re a man of your own and you make your own decisions. Besides, I really pity you. Alcohol really does mess you up. I’ve seen what it does to you.
Malcom: (Folds his arms) But you’re an addict too.
Wangare: Not as bad as you are. I can’t stop drinking but I drink quite responsibly. You drown yourself with alcohol when you go on a drinking spree. Though if that makes you that good in bed, then oh hail the bottle!
He stays silent for a while.
Malcom: You know she knew that too. Our best sex was when I was drunk. But a time came when she refused to even sleep in the same bed with me when I’m drunk. She also hated it because in the morning I’d wake and remember nothing at all.
Wangare: So your loss of memory is no longer weird now. I bet you don’t even know which part of town we are in.
Malcom: Don’t wait for me to guess. Just tell me.
Wangare: Clarion hotel.
Malcom: And how did we get here?
Yesterday just after sundown.
Wangare gets a call. She excuses herself from the company of some clients. She is an event organizer.
“Hello?” She says.
“Hey you. Guess who?”
“Come on, now is not a good time for knock-knock jokes.”
“It’s Malcom.”
She freezes for a while, the way you would do when you finally get to know that your crush just called you.
“Oh heey, jeez I’m so sorry I forgot to save your number.”
“No biggie. So what are you up to?” Malcom asks.
“I came to meet with some clients here at KICC after the session we had today. Though I’m almost done. Why?”
“Well, I feel like taking someone out tonight. Would you like to be the one?”
She tries not to draw circles on the ground, “Okay, but I hope there’re no drinks involved. You know we are on recovery mode.”
They laugh, “Yea no drinks. Just eat and chat.” He says.
“That’s fine with me. So where?” She asks.
“I’m around town too. I’ll come to pick you up.”
“With your motorbike?”
“No. I have a car, come on.” He is regaled.
“Wow. He has a car. Alright let me finish up here then I’ll text you.”
“Great.” He hangs up.
Three and a half hours after sundown.
The two are at a bar near Clarion Hotel. Three-quarters of an hour ago, they were at the restaurant at the floor right below.
Wangare: This is already the sixth shot you’re having Malcom! You should stop.
Malcom: You shouldn’t have made me talk about my ex. (He sips another shot of tequila.) Fill up another (He tells the bartender.)
Wangare: I know I shouldn’t have but that shouldn’t be a reason to kill yourself with endless rounds.
Malcom doesn’t respond. He continues to drown one shot after another.
Bartender: Madam would you like to have anything?
Wangare: (Looking distressed) No!
She turns to Malcom.
Wangare: Malcom you know what?
Malcom: (Turns to look at her) What?
Wangare: I like you.
He turns again and laughs. He signals the bartender to do what he is paid to do. The bartender tries not to look like he is concerned. You bet in his line of work he has seen all kinds of patrons.
She feels bad for saying that only to get a response that does not go beyond laughter.
Wangare: Bartender, pour me mine!
One and a half hours to dawn
Wangare: We went on like that but you had too much to drink than I did. I looked for some waiters who helped me drag you to this hotel room. I was to leave you here.
Malcom: Then what happened that you’re still here?
She went silent.
Malcom: Don’t tell me I seduced you.
She changes position and lies on her elbow.
Malcom: Holy crap! I seduced you. I’m so sorry.
Wangare: It’s okay.
Malcom: So why are you silent?
Wangare: Nothing.
Malcom: I can smell your attitude rising. What is it Wangare?
He also lies on his side while facing her. There is a short distance between their faces.
Wangare: (Sighs) I told you I like you while in the bar and you just laughed. I have reminded you that I said it and you still haven’t said a thing about it. I feel stupid for sounding desperate. You love her too much to accept that she is gone and even drink as if you’re punishing yourself for her leaving even at the slightest memory of it all, it’s fine. I can do nothing about that.
He pauses.
Malcom: I think we can.
Wangare: Do what?
Malcom: Start over!
He pounces on her and kisses her passionately. He rolls over on top of her and covers them with the sheets.


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4 years ago

Good one

4 years ago

Lakini Vick tu skuizi…?

Kelvin kariuki
Kelvin kariuki
4 years ago

Hey Vic, can u just come up with a continuation of the same man. Its damn lit n hilarious.
Really love yah work

4 years ago

Hey that’s good, i like your pieces