There was an interesting interview on Saturday night on Citizen TV. The interview was hosted by Victoria Rubadiri which works well since it was some kind of a girl talk. I’m not ashamed to make an assumption that whenever girls talk, the issue of men has to pop up somewhere. This time it did not just pop up. Men were the main focus of the topic, but of course in relation to their female counterparts. Victoria’s panel was well represented with Hon. Gladys Wanga being the voice of our parent’s generation and the famous socialites Bridget Achieng along with the gorgeous Glam Pam speaking for the younger generation. At least that is how I saw it. What is important however is the subject of the interview. One that has been talked about again and again. But as long as it is still a bombshell in our society, why not lengthen the conversation? So it’s about the so called ‘sponsors’ otherwise known as ‘Blessers’ nowadays. Kenyans have a way of creaming up things. I don’t blame us.
I don’t find it sarcastic that they called in socialites as part of the panel for such a conversation. Well that’s because our Kenyan nature has made us conclude the hell in many things including the fact that socialites are the number one associates of sponsors. Partly true and partly not. May God also forgive our Kenyan mentalities that dismisses girls seen as slay queens as undisputed customers of sponsors. Again, not all of them. As a matter of fact, ladies are not the only creation of the Almighty that are prone to sponsorship.
I have heard of our male counterparts who have hooked up with women who are willing to spill a dollar or two for a regular good time with these young mjangos. Take note that the word there is ‘regular.’ That’s the word that strikes the difference between sponsorship and prostitution. The nail keeps getting hit on the head huh!
Sponsorship as one of the panellists said, is an affair with one mjango for the sake of what lovely Kenyans prefer to call ‘financial blessings.’ So there is some sort of relationship there. Only that money calls the shots and not love. Funny enough, when the sponsored party engages in another sponsorship relation with someone else and the initial sponsor gets to know about it, hell grows a butt and there will be a shit-storm. Yes it’s super funny and ironic because what is there to fight about if that is not a love relationship? Oh I get it now. There is a reason to fight because the sponsor’s money is what is at stake there. The sponsor has been paying for their loyalty. The rule is, “As long as I am still ‘giving’ you money, I own you.” This attitude is often strict with female sponsors.
You know I have proven it to be true that women have loyalty in their genes except when they don’t. Even though it is all about the money and the pleasure thereof, female sponsors attach feelings as well. You must have heard stories of female sponsors who caught their boy-toys red handed with their actual girlfriends. In fact, it turns into a girl fight which many times has the girlfriend end up being the victim. Male sponsors won’t give two shits if their girl-toys have boyfriends. But I’m pretty sure the same would turn into a gladiator when he finds out about another sponsor. So unlike women, it’s all about the money for men. The loss of money hurts them probably more than anything some times.
So you see, young ladies who are blessed to have sponsors (it’s actually a curse) have understood that. It stands as the reason why they can have multiple sponsors and ensure none of them gets to know about the other. I thought women could only multitask when doing house chores. Mjango, we have seen nothing yet it seems.
Prostitution on the other hand involves multiple parties for a duration that is as short as a one night stand. The common factor between the two is money. This similarity makes some mjangos dismiss sponsorship as a form of prostitution.
The big question was whether having a sponsor is right. Unlike what some of you would think, the two socialites spoke against it saying it is not worth it. I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking that they were only preaching water. Who are we to know? But one said that having a rich boyfriend does not make him your sponsor. And sponsors could also be young men. Mjangos have this notion that sponsors are only men with sagging tummies.
Realise that it is easy to say that having a sponsor is not right until you actually feel the need of having one. No, not your heart. Your heart does not need a sponsor and neither does your body. Your circumstances are the ones calling out for sponsorship. One of the socialites said she had one for only a limited time and that was the end. She chose so because of the financial abyss she and her family had been stuck in at the time and in fact ever since she was born. Add on the fact that she had already lost millions in a deal that went south. So it’s true that some people go through hell that according to them, leaves them no choice but to use their beauty to cash in a reliever.
It is also true that many girls do that out of the desperation for money. They strip to only have bikinis that hang and hug their bodies remaining as the only fabric between the world and their nakedness and go out to bask under the social media sun that never sets. All for the attraction of a DM from a lustful mjango who is willing to pay a dime for the contents underneath the bikini. Hey, wear your bikinis even with g-strings if you like. Nobody’s stopping you. Sexy and you know it huh! This class of girls typically just ‘wants’ money, they don’t desperately ‘need’ it. Even if they think they do need money, chances are it’s because they are under social pressure to get rich quickly as well.
I find it saddening that both socialites said their DMs are flooded with young girls asking the former to show them how to get sponsors. These young girls who we are now justified to call naïve think that it is as easy as giving up their bodies for the sexual satisfaction they presume all sponsors just want. It is more heart-breaking how even the very act of giving up themselves to someone they have never known does not spook them. I’m among those who thought that it was all about the bedroom game, until one of the socialites said sometimes it isn’t. She said some mjangos these young girls are desperate about getting sponsorship from are into cults. She didn’t say it that directly but if you’re wise enough, you would decipher that that’s what she meant. Some things these people who are stinking rich want girls to do for and with them are just out of this world. She added that she still sees a psychiatrist up to date because of what transpired during her first and last sponsor. Is that the mental torture mjango you’d like to go through just for money?
The beauties with brains all met at a point and sounded out one thing to all the young ladies out here. “Be intelligent and don’t be lazy.” If you will dare to apply your intelligence and jumpstart your lazy butt mjango, you will also discover that being in the deepest of all financial crises does not justify the need for a sponsor. Life cannot be that unfair to shut all the possible and right doors that lead to making money on your face. Besides, girl, you’re too beautiful to bend so low in your life. There is more value than just money that lies beneath your beautiful.


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Written by The Mjango

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Samuel Mwongela
Samuel Mwongela
5 years ago

There is more value than money.