He is a hunk, a lover boy. Call him the man of the ladies. The beautiful ones and the not so beautiful ones all say the same thing about him. That he has got the killer looks. This time not the tall, dark and handsome. Their soft hearts that beat for him day and night don’t think dark is handsome anymore after they saw him. So needless to say, he is light skinned, has narrow brown eyes, the crown of his head has never known a barber. But they love the ruggedness that is shaped into a box like the square head he has.  Oh yes he is tall, nicely tall though yea, he is not American. If he was American maybe he would not be as lovable as he is now. Just like the cock from the farm that is afraid to crow in the city.
Speaking of city, he is not from the city. Not the common definition of cities we know. He hails from Nyahururu. He has been to the city of Nairobi, how many times in his life? Let’s see. Once! It was a primary school trip when he was in class three to Nairobi Museum and Snake Park. Well thank heavens he is not from the city and neither does he go to the city. If he did, who knows, maybe Liddos would be his favourite club. Maybe his favourite drink would be tequila and not some cheap vodka he is used to. He looks like the type that would board manyangas when going to Rongai. Maybe he would be in Riara University. He’d have a girlfriend in USIU and so people would call it a long distance relationship. He would spend most of his weekends at his girlfriend’s place around Rosters on Thika Road. She would not know however that he has ever cheated on her a number of times. Though it’d feel like two times to him only. Well, that is all to say that he would not be different from who he is. Just a better version or is it worse?
Anyway, truth be told. He dresses real well. He has a way with timberland boots that you just can’t just deny. And jackets too. He leaves them unzipped. Maybe he knows he has a chest that his ego can’t allow him to lock it up behind zipped jackets.
He looks wealthy. That makes the girls think he is ever loaded. He didn’t ask for that kind of glory. Where he comes from, he does not get so much attention as he does in campus. He doesn’t tell anyone that his father sold his car to have him admitted to the university. The car was a second hand. It’s called a second hand but you know even cars that have been sold and resold seven times are still called second hand cars. He had just bought the car for two months before necessity called for him to sell for his son’s sake.
He doesn’t have a mother. He lost her to the wicked jaws of cancer just before he went to class six. His dad tried a second wife but it just didn’t work out.
Some people have a hard time clicking with the life in campus. A new environment means a new social life. Almost every fresher is a loner in campus. If you were lucky you’d find a friend whom you  shared some history with before coming to the university. Like eleven mjangos in a campus who were schoolmates in high school hanged out in the first days of campus like a pack of wolves. When they get lost looking for food joints, they would all get lost together. If one spotted or somehow had a new female friend, they’d go all go to her together. They helped each other look for their classes. In no time, everyone was used to the system and every man was for himself. The high school ties ended there. They would tolerate each other back in the days of uniforms when they’d vibe the same girl and it was cool. Oh good old days. This time the brotherhood had limits. Like, “If she is mine, go get yours. Or wait till I’m ‘done’ with her, then you can have her.”
Surprisingly, that was not the case for this hunk. He has never really suffered from the coping challenges and confusion syndrome that first years have. His friends were and still are the know-it-all friends, with connections to the seniors. He was among the first group of freshers who discovered the club where campus turn ups happen. While others had their orientation through the admin, they indeed had their share of orientation from the club too. That is how he and his friends formed a crew. The crew has disbanded lately but after it has set every member on the downslope paths to wherever the hell they wanted to go.
He is one of the best samples that can be used to find out why a fearful number of love relationships in campus hit the rock. Some of them leave others terribly affected and others, well, permanently infected by God knows what. To boys like him, life just moves on in ascension. From the prettier to prettiest he goes. The sexier the darling, the greater the haunting ambition. It sounds like he wouldn’t settle for anything less than that, right? Mjango, you’re horribly wrong. It has already clumped the nerves of his rugged haired head that wherever he passes, bows her head. Okay, no. Let’s take two. Wherever he passes, every lady raises her chest, sways her hair and blinks three times in a second. For this reason, many times he doesn’t have a hard time getting what he wants as a crooked man. Well, sometimes he doesn’t want. But the seducers offer him their forbidden fruits anyway. And you know a man is still a man, the mind over matter rule doesn’t apply here. It takes one hell of a man to say no to seduction. Those fruits of seduction that other mjangos google to see just because they have tried all means to get access to real ones – he gets a front row seat. Don’t be surprised, his current girlfriend knows nothing about that. He is tactical enough to wipe his mouth off the crumbs of the forbidden fruits he has been freely served with out there – definitely before she partakes of what bae has to offer.
Funny she has never questioned where he got his experience from. She loves the way he handles her body. She even cannot believe that she won his heart. At least that is what she really believes. Or did she also feed him with her forbidden fruits in order to win him? If only she knew that sometimes all a man wants is somewhere to call home after his working hours are over.
Wonder whether he gets bored of all the attention he gets. Of the numerous girls that run helter-skelter looking all over for him when he says a simple ‘hi’ to them. Simply because to them, it’s like the smoke signal they have been waiting for. Rumour has it that one sneaked her way into his room and begged to have him partake of her forbidden. He turned her down and forced her out. Hope it’s just a rumour. What do we care anyway. Still wonder whether he gets to a valley point in his life that makes him ask himself all the right questions about how he rolls. Maybe he does. But after he takes two sips of the cheap vodka he loves, he is convinced yet again that he is still and forever will be the man. As long as he has his good looks, life will be just simple. In fact, he wouldn’t have to pay a thousand bob to see what mjangos go to see at Liddos. He has the charm that melts girls all around him and eventually, he sees it all with the key of charm and a hunk look.


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Written by The Mjango

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5 years ago

Wow such a great piece of work….. It really cautions us the youths that not everything that glitters is gold

5 years ago

Maahhn this piece is just incredible

amos musyimi
5 years ago


3 years ago

Truth as it is.