“Will you marry me?” She says while on her knees with both hands elevated at an angle. On her hands is a small red velvet box, flipped opened. He is standing right before her totally dry of words. There is a spectrum of unfolding elation on his face. The beard on his chin seem to be dancing along to the symphony of romance that has rented the atmosphere in the lounge they were in. All eyes on them. Or rather, all eyes and flashing phone cameras on the soon to be happy matrimony. He can’t believe it though. Maybe he wants to tell her to just get up but she is still on her knees. It doesn’t seem like she will get up without getting an answer. Neither is the look on her face that is shared in between a smile and dire emotion symbolised by the balancing tears – going to leave with no as an answer. 
It’s easy to tell when a man is blushing sometimes. It rose up his gut like the magma in a volcano that had its heart tickled. There it was. Emotion spilled all over his face with tears hanging by his eyes as a drop of water on a thread. The answer to her proposal burst out of him as if it was a withheld burp, “Yes darling. Yes!” Stretching forth his left hand that has manhood drawn all over it towards her. The crowd around claps and cheers perhaps wishing that it was them being proposed to? 
She took out the shiny ring from the velvet box. Slowly and surely, she aims the ring for his middle finger. With no sense of doubt and guilt, she motions the ring through his finger until it can go no farther. Had she practised all that? Anyway, she stands, sighs in relief like saying, “Finally,” and hugs him so tightly. She lets out the tears that had been dammed behind her eyes… 
Cut! I said cut!! I am really having PTSD right now. I just can’t stop ranting at the freak show that happened in the form narrated above. I was more disappointed when I heard that it was no joke and the wedding between the ‘She’ and ‘He’ will happen before the end of the year. Just great! Boy I wish I was glad to hear that. A sweet friend of mine told me this story. I was in denial until I had to make sure I see it all with everything that I use to see. My heart is still broken up to now. 
It’s because I pity the lie we are making ourselves live in today yet we dare not to say a thing about it. I remember the words of my mother before I left her house for the hustle, “My son. One thing I never want you to forget. When a girl proposes to you, don’t stop to think or even talk. Run for your life! You hear? RUN!” She told me that because it had been in one of our mommy and mommy’s boy talks for quite some time now. Oh you bet I said, “Yes mom.” 
We used to see such things on TV from the Western world productions. It didn’t pinch most of us well, because it was just far away from our homes that are grounded in Christianity and African morals. So you say. It was not long until the ‘disease’ caught up with our black species nocturnally as well.
A man was a boy who is born wearing an invisible yet existent royal robe clothed on him by the universe. The robe is a symbol of his power and responsibility to call the shots in whichever direction he looks at and declares as his territory. He is designed to take charge and have the final say in situations within his boarders. 
The understanding of this form of divinity given to him brings forth harmony in every social aspect of life. The misuse of the same is what has birthed calamities in our society whose effect is greatly upon all those related to the man. To wipe off the mist of doubt, the calamity is greatly upon relationships, marriages and families in that rising order. 
Flip the coin again, and you will see that the negligence and naivety to even in the slightest get to know about this inborn power is what leads to the headlines today ; Woman Proposes To Man. From the look of things, it already looks normal to the black man now. How ephemeral is this power today.
A woman on the other hand was a girl born with loyalty invisibly existent as an extra type of blood cells flowing in her blood. Anyone who has ever said that when a woman loves she loves for real knew that fact from deep within them. However, the woman of today has in a way gone rogue. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care or is unaware of what she is doing. 
The 28 year old girl who made the headlines this week by proposing to her boyfriend said in an interview that she knew what she was doing. She had an honest reason as to why she broke the code of the universe. She should be believed and cut some slack. If so, it leaves a question mark to a question whose answer is, the man doesn’t know what he is supposed to be doing then. 
If he knew, then we’d see him go on his knees to propose before she figured out that he was never going to. In her heart, it must have reached a point where someone had to go on their knees in order to have the six year relationship taken to the next level. If a woman feels strongly that she has found love, then the next thing in her chain of heavy feelings would be a family. I don’t blame her for doing what she had to do to have a family in the right way which is in the boat of marriage. Half of a woman’s heart is empty until she bears children of her own. 
If he knew what he is supposed to do as a man, then he’d be sensitive enough to know when it’s just about time for him to make a move. The ladies know that the man is the one to make the moves you know. If he knew what he is supposed to do as a man, he’d be straight with her about why he is just not making the last move to a checkpoint and the game would be theirs in holy matrimony. 
A woman wants to see a man who can take the wheel saying, “I’m driving.” Even she is a type of a wheel that wants to be driven, driven crazy? Maybe? 
Even though you think he is not acting up to his manhood, that doesn’t give you the leverage to wear his shoes and do it for him. It doesn’t justify your desperation or validate your love for him, oh ye woman.
Well, it is not even about being an authentic African. It is simply about the order of the universe; the right way of doing things.


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Written by The Mjango

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Patie the Nangila
Patie the Nangila
5 years ago

Aaai.. Lakini ni ukweli. Painful truth for both male and female. Kwani huyo mwanaume hana ego?..? Mbele ya watu!?, na akasema yes??

Deline Ramiro
Deline Ramiro
5 years ago

Should I call it the sad bitter sweet truth?
It was an excellent piece though I wished it would go on.
The diction here is on point and gives us a heads up as the youth of today…. One of my best writing…
Keep it MJANGO