In the sea of snow bed sheets on a king size bed. A midst the sea is an island of two bodies lying side by side but too close at the same time. Her head fits in perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle on the valley between his chest and his shoulder. Her head moves up and down in the rhythm of his breathing. Call it a soft symphony. His hand rests along her side drawing a perfect curve towards her waist. She plays with her fingers in a caressing way on his chest and occasionally rubbing his beard. For the years they have been together since they were in campus, she has never seen his chin naked. 
The two are a couple. They are ever talking. They fell in love while talking. They realized that their endless words for each other has been the root and fruit of their friendship. But here is a moment where even a whisper is just too loud. The connection between them has gone from beyond words to telepathy. They checked in to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona late last night. They haven’t said a word to each other since they met in the shower. Maybe they washed away the words for the night down the drain. If you want to hear them go to the drainage pipes in Barcelona. Or maybe they are still floating on the bathtub along with the soap form. Those must be the heightened levels of romance that words cannot describe. Words are just useless because they are an underestimate of the expressions of love at the time. 
He silently recaps their promise to each other immediately after their classic wedding three days ago. 
“Nothing shall ever stand or exist in between us,” He said while looking into her eyes after the bride’s kiss. In fact it was their first legal kiss. She recounts that kiss as a perfect kiss but not the best kiss. Their first kiss was the chemistry maker. She silently told herself that she didn’t have to kiss any other frog to know the right one for her. This man lying below her head turned into a prince on that day.
“Not even the thinnest of sheets.” She said in response. 
He blushed almost forgetting that they were not in a room alone. They were standing as the center of focus amongst multitudes who had come to witness their perfect union. He definitely knew what she meant. 
That night, they played it out like they had promised. Not even a sheet of the bed or a linen on the body existed in between them. 
Both of them are having memories of their own. Fit them together and they would flow in episodes to where they are currently; unclothed in honeymoon.
In her mind she is telling him, “You remember how we worked so hard to have our wedding turn out to be how it was.”
He responds with a smile and says without saying, “We started saving up in my final year of campus. We secured writing deals for me and we performed in music gigs endlessly to fill up our accounts.”
She giggles, “Remember that day he was complaining that he didn’t think we were making enough money until I slapped him to shut up?”
He almost rolls his eyes and says all still in his head, “She is lucky she kissed me immediately after and talked me through it afterwards.”
“I know the way my man hates slaps. Yet I had vowed never to lay a hand on him. But that day I had to. I was sick for long in the inside since then but I have never told him. I made him shed a tear from a slap. Gosh! That was so awful of me. I should apologize to him and promise never to do that again.”
“Who knew planning for a wedding was as tough as hell. Thank God I remained positive and strong till the end or else she’d have slapped me again back to my senses.”
“Just what would I have done without him? I had given up in so many things concerning the wedding but didn’t say. It’s like he knew I was falling apart about them specifically and attended to them without giving up. Well, I guess that’s why he is the man here. He was so determined to have me marry him in the best occasion there can ever be. And oh Lord I can’t forget when he proposed on stage after the gig in Ngong Racecourse.”
“Mjango you remember the two songs you sang for her in the after party? Yea I think I nailed it. She broke down to tears manzeh. Especially Ed Sheeran’s perfect, you nailed it bro.”
“How I fitted in perfectly to his life and his in mine I just don’t know. I just love the way he treats me like I am the last woman on earth. Or am I?” She smiles. She moves her legs and lock them in his. She wraps her arms tightly around him and he responds by caressing her back as if drawing infinity signs. Of course in his mind he is whispering underneath his breath, “Together forever baby.” But she heard it.
She turned her and looked directly at his face. She was going to cry. He met her lips before she could break a tear. That’s his way of saying, “I love you too.”
He pulls her closer up to have half her weight resting on him. She feels lucky to have a man who can carry her weight. It’s not a way to try make mjangos who won themselves big fish and I literally mean big – feel like they were played by the giver of good things. No mjango. Everything comes with its advantages, even life’s biggest things. In fact if you have the big things of life, I envy you. For real. You know the way life is funny. You pray for a big car while growing up and what you get is not really a car, but it’s big anyway and you can drive it too, in a way, just like that car you’ve always wanted to drive to work all your life. This mjango having a honeymoon of honeymoons also wanted a big car. He wasn’t sure whether he’d get the actual car or the other that is like a car but not meant for the highway. Now with him lies the love of his life and she is not big. That is the sign of life that he will be driving an actual big car, maybe a Lexus LX 570, very soon. Sweet life huh?
She shuts her eyes and drives fast along the lane of fresh memory from their wedding to what is so far the best experience of her life. The bed has never been such a resourceful life necessity like it had been that night. You can almost start thanking the maker for things you have never thought you’d ever thank Him for. “Oh Lord thank you for making man think of putting springs on a mattress.”
I didn’t know he had planned our honeymoon to be in Barcelona. I just told him once of how much I look forward to going to Barcelona. I didn’t know that he would bring me here for our honeymoon. It’s only a day after the wedding that I remembered we were supposed to have a honeymoon and we hadn’t planned for that. I panicked and texted him, “Babe. Honeymoon! We didn’t remember that. How could we have missed that in our planning?” I was going to cry. He replied, “Oh Gosh! By the way. Jeez. I am sorry hun. I should have been the one to think of that and I didn’t. Let me see what I can do for us.” I was pissed that now he’d make quick arrangements and you know the way things done like that turn out shoddy. After such a lovely expensive wedding then a two shilling honeymoon? I was going to pull my hair off. Only to find out that he was playing stupid at the time. She laughs. Or rather romantic. He came that evening and told me to pack. I was hesitant of course, because in my mind I knew the honeymoon would be maybe somewhere in Naivasha. We had spent a lot of money already. I didn’t expect anything better. He said a few words that evening and hid a smile for the rest of the time. I should have read that and clicked that he must have been hiding something. Thank God I had started learning how to be the good wife. I didn’t dare say anything. I was angry but I didn’t know at what exactly. I even didn’t pack as if I was going to Villarosa. I would later realize that his suitcase had more of my things than his. He packed those things he knew I’d need but I was too jammed to think of packing. 
His best buddy came to pick us. He was with his girlfriend and they looked more excited than I was. They didn’t question me probably because they knew I didn’t know anything. I slept in the car immediately we left just waiting to wake up in Naivasha. Okay I wish I woke up in Barcelona just like that. He woke me up when we got to the airport. 
“What are we doing in the airport?” I asked. He only laughed. I thought that was his way of covering up that we were going to Naivasha on flight. Who flies to Naivasha anyway? So I started thinking it was now Mombasa. So you can now guess the shock I was in when I saw him stand when the flight to Spain was called out. He said, “There goes our ride darling.”
I was speechless for the better part of the journey. I just couldn’t believe it and figure out how he had been planning this all along behind my back. Yet I have always been sure that he cannot do anything without me finding out before he tells me. His seat was by the window. He let me seat there to keep confirming that we were not flying to anywhere near home.
When we got to the hotel room last night, I couldn’t wait to express how I love him without using words. He had really been the best and sweetest man ever. I ditched the use of words from the time I realized he was taking us to Barcelona. I wasn’t sure how I would start. Though I later found out that I didn’t have to even try to start. He did that, just like to me, the man should. 
I felt an arm, muscular and so like my husband’s slide around my waist while I was in the shower. He slowly pulled me closer to him directly under the shower head still standing behind me. I was nervous of course but inwardly overly excited. This is the man I love and he was standing right behind me in a shower in a posh hotel in Barcelona for heaven’s sake. 
The rain of hot water dropped on him first then trickled down to my face. His hands began to get naughty. But maybe that wasn’t naughty just yet. He must have known I was loving every bit of it through my breathing. He turned me around to face him. He has never looked this adorable. His eyes just weaken me. I guess that is why he was holding me tight by my waist. With my hands around his neck and like a magnet that pulls our faces together, our lips conjoined in motions like a melody. I didn’t know what to expect next. By this time I already knew I should let go of my expectations; they are a terrible underestimate of the real thing. Was I dreaming or was Versace on the floor really playing in the background? Like a pro in the romantic movies girls love to watch, he proceeded down to my neck. I was breathing out heavily but I think every breath came out like a soft mourn. I shut my eyes that I may glide into my wildest dream playing into reality. The fairy tale of every girl in the world of love.
“Honey I’m thirsty. You in for some Red Wine?” He said with a heavy and sexy morning voice.
“Yes dear. Let’s have a toast to the best night of our lives…” She said while smiling and covering her abdomen with a sheet. She lay across the bed on her side with her head leaning on her arm as she watched him walk bare across the grand suite.
Smells like Valentines ayye…


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5 years ago

honeymoon unclothed,,,it was lyk a video, congrats mjango

5 years ago

Kept me at bay for the whole period… Beautifully articulated words

Faith susan
Faith susan
5 years ago

I love it